My Saheli

My Saheli

MYSAHELI is a RICH & Innovative Marketing Platform designed exclusively for Women to self-promote their businesses in an efficient and cost effective manner. It enables them to showcase and promote their products and services with a local and global reach.

Women play a prominent role innumerous sectors such as, Education, Social, Enterprise, Business, etc. and form a significant part of the Indian economy. To encourage and support women empowerment, RICHTREE promotes and strongly believes in Entrepreneurship which is one of its core values.

To achieve this objective RICHTREE Consultancy Services(RTCS) has architected a platform titled MYSAHELI and a social media component MYSAHELI Facebook group exclusively oriented towards the business growth of women entrepreneurs.

MYSAHELI is an Innovative, digital and web platform that provides holistic Business solutions and IT enabled services. Women entrepreneurs can utilize this platform for Website Creation, Mobile App development, Online Services, Directory Listing, Digital Marketing, Lead Generations, Online Advertising, Branding, Promotions, Social Media Marketing and many more.

Through this initiative, RTCS provides awareness to every woman entrepreneur rural to urban of the modern digital technologies and ensure they utilize and enhance promoting their products and services. In the process, they would be equipped with the latest tools and technologies, upgrade their knowledge and get acquainted with technical know-how and how to leverage for their business and understand the socio-economic development of the women globally.

Using this platform, they can quickly share & promote their products / services, buy & sell using E-Commerce, connect to fellow entrepreneurs, know about trending products, potential customers, business in their market, etc

RTCS provides all the needed support and guidance to the women entrepreneurs on MYSAHELI platform.

We invite and welcome Women Entrepreneurs to associate with MYSAHELI and have enriched experience.

"MYSAHELI - By the Women, Of the Women and For the Women”