RICH Invitations

RICH Invitations

Revolutionizing the Way We Send and Receive Invitations! We’re on a mission to redefine the way we send and receive invitations:


hether you are conducting a corporate events or planning Wedding, celebrating Anniversaries, Birthdays, or organizing a musical night, live shows, social, religious and cultural programs, RICH Invitations helps you to send awesome and beautiful customized digital invitations to your guests.

A Kind of invitations which is never seen before. RICH Invitations is a Mobile App to send Digital Invitations. With this app both Host and Guest will not miss a single detail of the event.

Rich invitations is part of RICHHub Suit of products. It not only an invitation platform but it also helps people discover public events happening around them. Hundreds and thousands of events happens in our city, but it's difficult to find them out. RichHub Invitation platform helps you do that..!!

Delight Your Guests! We make it easy to send Invitations they'll never forget.
How It Works ? Simple,Easy and Instant Greetings & Invitations.
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Benefits of Rich Invitations Delight your Guest with Simple & Unique Invitation Concepts.